Momio is a social media app for boys and girls aged 7-13 where you can communicate with your target group directly. We offer customized social media marketing solutions that make sure you reach your goals.

Start advertising on mobile with Momio!

20 % reach
+20 MILL.accounts
TOP 5in App Store

Over 16 million accounts have been created on Momio and it has reached top 5 ranking on iPad and top 10 ranking on iPhone in all Nordic countries.

Momio has over 20% penetration among kids 7-12 years of age in select markets. Its gender split is 70% girls – 30% boys.


Advertise on Momio by using our integrated social media marketing products, designed to deliver outstanding results.  Mobile social media campaign builds brand awareness and engagement. We also have a proven track record in generating sales from our advertising.

Build brand awareness and be a part of the Momio universe with a BRAND PROFILE PAGE and/or a BRANDED CHARACTER PROFILE PAGE. 

Use BRANDED WALL POSTS to inform, entertain and engage the users. Get likes, comments and shares by posting messages, pictures, videos and links.

Get the attention of your target group with a DIRECT MESSAGE. It’s effective and flexible!

Let us do the work

We will envision and execute the creative concept and we will take care of copywriting, translation, execution and project management.

Use Momio for driving traffic to your website. Our social media campaigns both create traffic and build brand awareness.

Bring value to your target group by arranging fun activities. Educate, entertain and ignite discussions.

The target group starts talking about your brand not only on social media but also at dinner table, on schoolyard and in spare time activities.

Do you want reach your target group directly? Be where your audience is and book a social media marketing campaign on mobile with Momio!