Better Internet Week – The harvest

We took the kids on Momio on a treasure hunt last week, in honor of Safer Internet Day and Media Literacy Week. And what a week we had!

Pictures say more than a thousand words, so what better way to kickstart the week than to ask momios to create pictures of people having fun online. Some of the art we received are used as illustrations on this blog post.

Tuesday was Safer Internet Day. The global theme for this year was “Together for a better internet”. But how? Momios were reflecting on how to play their part:

  • Be kind and see others’ happiness as your reward!
  • Ignore haters!
  • Don’t believe absolutely EVERYTHING people tell you.
  • Before you write anything, think about saying those things to your grandmother… If i would have been inappropriate, don’t write it!
Pictures: Happy Girl, Netherlands - Onaa, Netherlands - Smigolek, Poland

Pictures: Happy Girl, Netherlands – Onaa, Netherlands – Smigolek, Poland

Explaining and interpreting

Us adults are famous for not quite understanding what is going on in the kids lives – especially online. It doesn’t matter that we don’t know the latest memes, but it’s important we get the big stuff. So, on Wednesday, we urged momios to imagine how they would explain the concept of having internet friends to their grandparents. Good news: Kids are ready to explain – if we adults are ready to listen. 

I have already done that! I just said that I have buddies online, and they’re really nice and sweet. My grandpa asked how I got to know them. I told him that I met them on Momio, and then I showed my grandpa how to play Momio!

Thursday was heaps of fun. Momios created polls to find out how others interpret emojis. Consensus was not always easy to find! Try it yourself:

Does 4 mean… a) “OMG, seriously!”, b) “Awful headache” or c) “My head’s gonna explode”?

Does 3 stand for a) praying, b) begging or c) high five?

Does 1 mean a) “My eyes hurt!”, b) “Fun!” or c) *blinks eyes*?

Pictures: NinaKroon, Netherlands - kuroki, Poland - ingrid banan, Norway

Pictures: NinaKroon, Netherlands – kuroki, Poland – ingrid banan, Norway

Many things are well

On Friday, momios told us what they already love about the internet:

For me, the best part is that you get to meet new friends. For example, I’ve met two that I want to keep forever… ♥️

I like social media, and the possibilities to explore Harry Potter. (And it’s pretty nice not to have to write homework by hand, as well)

I love that you can, in contrast with real life, actually report and block people.

On Saturday, Momio’s police officer Jack asked kids to step in his shoes. What’s an important online safety topic that everyone should know about? Many suggested topics like bullying and password safety – classic topics that Jack already frequently posts about. Some of the more rare suggestions were “Remember that you do not have to tell everything about yourself online” and “What would you do if you saw someone writing bad stuff about you”. We saw Jack note write ideas down in his notebook, so maybe we’ll see them on Momio soon!

Pictures: Philippa!, Denmark - AlmaCaloryn, Finland - loligercookie, Germany

Pictures: Philippa!, Denmark – AlmaCaloryn, Finland – loligercookie, Germany

Two million pieces of nice

Sunday came, the week was coming to an end, and the treasure map only had one stop left. To show how little is needed for having a great day online, we challenged momios to be nice to others by sending momos, Momio’s own little hellos. They are free to send and fun to receive. We set out to break a record of most momos sent in one day – and oh boy did we break it! Almost two million momos we’re flying around, making the day super fun and a perfect way to round up the week.


About the author:

Silja Nielsen, Momio

Silja Nielsen is Head of Community and Safety at Momio. She has worked at the company since 2010. Silja has a master’s degree in Media Studies and is interested in privacy, online behaviour and online communities.