But first, let me take a selfie

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It seems to me that everyone is suddenly in love with their own face. Everyone except me, that is. Especially teenagers have a weird desire to take pictures all the time – of themselves.

I find selfies just bizarre. Taking a selfie seems to be appropriate anywhere and any time.

To me, changing my Facebook profile picture once or twice a year is a chore. I can’t even remember the last time I took a selfie, but it was years ago.

Taking a selfie seems to be appropriate anywhere and any time.

Hey, I look nice today!

The mentality that drives people into taking selfies seems to be that if you look particularly good one moment, you have to SHOW THE WHOLE WORLD how good-looking you are and take a picture to PROVE IT. You can’t just think “hey, I look nice today” and move on with your life, oh no no no, the world needs to know!

Once that perfect selfie gets uploaded to Facebook, Instagram or wherever, it will instantly be liked and commented by way too many people. The gorgeousness of the person will be praised in a way that just seems odd to me. Are all those people really serious? Are all those comments actually honest? I just don’t get it.

This is nothing new

If you spent a lot of time admiring yourself in the mirror, people would probably think you were stupid and vain. But if you spend that same amount of time taking pictures of yourself instead, no one questions it.

On the other hand, as a history nerd, I do understand that this is nothing new, at least not as much as many people think. As someone so hilariously put it on Tumblr:  “‘Selfie culture’ seems so tame by comparison when you realize that not only did old timey rich people spend a fortune commissioning artists to paint flattering images of them, they spent many hours
sitting for these portraits. Who’s the me generation now?”

About the author:

Mia Markki, student

Mia Markki is a 17-year-old Finnish high school student who writes about all the little, yet annoying, things in life. She enjoys baking (especially cookies) and reading. Her biggest passion is history and her ultimate role model is Kaari Utrio, a brilliant Finnish author and a very wise woman. She wishes to be able to write at least one novel herself in her lifetime. Or two. Or ten. She tries to undo the effects of all those cookies by exercising and especially likes zumba.

  • Jens

    June 26, 2015 at 08:13

    I just think e.g. Snapchat is the total opposite. There the kids take the most weird/ugly pictures of themselves or their friends. Then post and get a lot of laughs. That is also a trend.