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jacks_safety_splashHello! I am Jack. I’m the police officer of Momio. If your kid uses Momio, they probably know me already, so I wanted to introduce myself to you too. I make sure that Momio is a fun and safe place for everyone.

On Momio, kids can share things that are important to them. They can also chat with their friends, have virtual pets and style themselves. Browsing Momio always brings a smile on my face. Most kids on Momio are nice and polite to each other and seem to know what makes sense to share and what doesn’t.

Unfortunately some kids come to Momio to troll or to bully, and when I see that, I take action! Some break the rules because they don’t think enough about the consequence of their post or because they don’t think they would get caught.

When someone’s behaviour needs to change, I send them a warning or give a timeout. These always include an explanation of what was done and why it’s not OK. They offer the kid a chance to think about their actions and to re-read the rules. Luckily only a very small percentage of users needs warnings or timeouts.

Most Momio users know me by my Safety Splashes. They are posts packed with tips on how to stay safe on the internet and on Momio. Reading the comments written by the kids reveals that they know incredibly much about internet safety. That I believe is thanks to parents, schools, media and the kids’ own curiosity.

Recently I asked the users how to spread good mood. I got lots and lots of comments. One of my favourite answers shows that the same rules apply both online and offline: “I can say nice and happy things to others. Today I noticed that a boy in our class was really good in handball but he wasn’t taking part in our game. We started to encourage him and that way got him to join the game.”

Kids are good at taking care of each other! Sometimes they need a little help, and that’s when I step in.

About the author:

Jack, Momio

Jack is one of the three brand characters on Momio. Together with the other two – Emily and Lucas – he welcomes all the new users so they are among good friends from the beginning.

Jack is the police officer of Momio. His special task is to make sure that Momio is a fun and safe place for everyone. He does that together with moderators who on Momio are called Jack’s helpers.

  • polyna

    January 6, 2018 at 21:22

    Någon har hackat min dotters konto, va kan vi göra?

    • Momio

      January 8, 2018 at 09:50

      Vad tråkigt att detta hänt ditt barn. Vi har under helgen nollställt lösenordet till kontot, så att ingen har tillgång till det. Vi vill be dig kontakta vår support på sverige@momio.me, så ska vi hjälpa dig!

      Varma hälsningar,

  • Lypsy

    January 18, 2018 at 09:19

    Hi! Is the Finnish Momio needing new moderators?

    • Momio

      January 18, 2018 at 11:03

      Hello! Jack is not looking for new helpers right now. When he is, he makes a post about it on Momio.