Fidget spinners – they’re everywhere!

Fodget spinners - online and offline phenomenonThey’ve been around for a few years – but now their prime time has come: They’re the latest thing in school playgrounds and the trend is rapidly spreading across the globe. At the same time, discussions are raging online regarding this little toy (or should we say tool?), and some schools even banned it.

Started out as a “mystical object” online

It kicked off a few months ago when a famous Counter-Strike professional player used a fidget spinner in the technical break during an e-sports event.The commentators could not figure out what this mystical object was, and they zoomed in to try solving the mystery. Meanwhile, the discussion also started online – and gamers all over the world started to order their own fidget spinners once they got the name of it.

It’s interesting to see how marketing online has changed, and now products do not even have to be introduced to kids in order for them to get obsessed with it. There is so much information online, so by not telling everyone what it is – the kids and teens trying to figure it out themselves will create the buzz.

From a stress toy to global success

So what is a fidget spinner and what does it do? It is simply a toy you can keep in your hand, and it has a bearing in the centre and several prongs that spin around it. Moreover, YouTube stars are constantly finding new hacks and tricks for the fidget spinner – and for a higher price, you can also get more complex and cooler spinners.

Why is it banned by some teachers?

Fidget spinners were designed to help people with conditions such as autism and ADHD to enhance concentration, reduce anxiety and stimulate learning. Some teachers agree, and say that the toy helps some kids to pay attention in school. However, a lot of teachers are also raging on social media, claiming that the fidget spinners are becoming more of a distraction in the classroom than a relief and therefore decided to ban the toy altogether. Experts on the other hand also seem to have mixed views on their overall efficacy…

No matter the designed purpose, the fidget spinners are being used because they’re fun to play with. Kids love it, and even some adults. Have you or your kid tried it yet?

Do you think it can work as a helpful tool in education or a plain distraction?

About the author:

Ingse Bergh Monsen, Momio

Ingse was the Community Manager for Momio in Nordics, and worked for Momio from 2014 to 2019. She has a Master’s degree in Service Management with a minor in Sustainable Business. Besides her field of education, her interests include exploring good business ethics, service management and exciting social media phenomena.

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