“I met my soul sister on Momio”

As we get more profiles on different social media, we connect to new people. On Momio it’s very easy to get in touch with other people at the same age, and to start new friendships. Maybe you’ve made a good friend, or a best friend on Momio or another social media? We know about two Norwegian users who met on Momio – and turned out to be really good friends. So we asked them if they wanted to share their friendship-story with us!


“Our friendship started out pretty similar to other friendships on Momio. We said hi, we had a chat and quickly figured out that we liked each other! But after some time we realised how similar we actually are. We could have been sisters; the similarities are actually almost spooky!

At first we thought it was just random coincidences, you know – normal things! For example, what we found out was that we shared the same sense of humour. But don’t all good friends? We also love drinking water – it’s our favourite. But you know, it’s not too weird either, is it?

However, the more we talked, the more similarities we found… Like we can both write right and left handed. We also have the same front letter in our first and last name and we love Norwegian reality shows like “Farmen” and “Jakten på Kjærligheten”. We even figured out that we have the same illness and already at such a young age have been through many of the same things in life. We even had the same operation!

We differ on a few things too… like food, where we basically don’t agree on any of the same things. However, we’re both obsessed with the Holiday dipmix, so that makes up for it…

Do you believe in coincidences? Was there a purpose behind meeting a person who’s so much like us? No matter how random it is, it’s amazing to have met each other, a soul sister, via Momio.

Xx Tusj & Cream”

About the author:

Ingse Bergh Monsen, Momio

Ingse was the Community Manager for Momio in Nordics, and worked for Momio from 2014 to 2019. She has a Master’s degree in Service Management with a minor in Sustainable Business. Besides her field of education, her interests include exploring good business ethics, service management and exciting social media phenomena.

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