Internet: Kids’ expanded universe

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Picture: Aurora from Momio Germany

As a person who hasn’t grown up with the internet (it took off when I was in elementary school), I am often still surprised at how many interesting and valuable things I can find there – nearly everything you need is at your fingertips. You can go shopping, talk to friends and family, watch your favourite films or learn basically anything you want without stepping out. Or even without leaving your bed. It’s amazing.

Walking the line

Now imagine that it’s just your reality. For most kids internet is just a part of everyday life. They were the first ones to be born to a world wide web and because of that a lot of their life is naturally spent online. And before you start panicking: it’s actually a wonderful thing. Many schools combine online and offline classes, social media (like Momio) allow kids to meet other people in a safe environment and most of their entertainment (films, series, music) also comes in a digital form. How we consume media depends on their availability, and the internet is extremely friendly and full of varied and cool content in this respect.

Kids’ lives are not split between real and virtual world. Rather it’s more of an intertwining and blending of two equal realities. Their universe and possibilities that arise from it are so much bigger thanks to the internet.

Cooperation is key

So our adult worldview is slightly different from theirs. It’s only natural, but it’s therefore very important that we learn from each other about safe and polite behaviour online. The main rule of Momio is to be nice, and we also try to do our part by sending regular safety posts by our policeman Jack. The parents’ role is to talk about their kids’ online life as they do with every other activity, like school. It’s equal parts trusting the kids to be responsible and do the right thing, but also having their trust to tell you when something isn’t right. You can learn from each other, just as we do every day on Momio. Since children are so used to the internet as a daily part of their lives, it will be fascinating to see what they use it for in the future – how differently they’ll utilize those possibilities.

About the author:

Diana Cereniewicz, Momio

Diana Cereniewicz was a Polish Community Manager and Campaign Manager at Momio where she worked from 2015 to 2019. She has a master’s degree in English literature and language, and dabbles in translation and interpretation as well. She also does diverse online content creation and moderation.

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