Momio merchandise: virtual and real

Skjermbilde 2016-06-08 kl. 13.25.51Momio has introduced a real life merchandise shop, with different items such as cups, t-shirts and phone covers.

Isn’t it weird how we got to this place, where we now have to make it clear that what we actually are selling is: REAL LIFE items?

I was so lucky. I just made it, so that I could experience a childhood with real life items and without constant access to the Internet. When internet was introduced in my home, I needed to ask for permission – so that my dad could connect me to the web.

Do you remember that great sound it used to make when connecting to the internet? Oh, the excitement was so real.

On the other side, my one friend on MSN was waiting for me. We could have just called, but it was way more fun to talk online to schedule a play date.

However, nowadays, I have nephews finding their way around on the internet by using tablets and what not. It’s quite amazing to see a 4 year old knowing exactly where to press and how to carefully drag his finger around on the screen and press cautiously.

Are virtual items as important as the real life items?

It can be confusing as an adult to understand sometimes. How is it so that our kids believe that their virtual items are as important as what they have in real life? I mean, what are diamonds and sapphires on Momio as opposed to something you can have and hold in your own two hands? My friends ask me this all the time: “Why on earth would they buy anything online, which they don’t receive in their mailbox?” Well, it can be hard to understand.

On the other hand – why are you taking pictures to post on Instagram, and not to print out in real life? Why are you collecting your friends on Facebook, when you can just meet up with them? Why are you subscribing to Spotify, instead of buying a CD at the store?

Do you even have a CD-player anymore?

I know it’s not exactly the same. It will never be. However, kids today are growing up in a totally different world – than even I, as a 24 year old did. Though, in some ways, I can still understand and draw connections to my own life. That is the way I process information and understanding for the kids. If someone told me that I could dress up Emma in Spice Girls, back in the 90´s and even buy stuff for my “avatar” of Emma so that I could be more like her? Wow, I would have asked my parents for that any day over the pictures I bought for my Spice Girls photo-book.

Eventually, it comes down to the combination of virtual and real life items. My virtual world, just like the virtual life on Momio for the kids, is getting more and more aligned with what we have in real life.

If you feel like going a bit “old school”, take a look at our collection of real life Momio inspired items in our new online shop. Sometimes it’s nice to buy stuff that you can keep safe forever. No servers will ever be responsible for losing your T-shirt.

The shops:

Momio Danmark

Momio Norge

Momio Sverige

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Momio België

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Momio Deutschland

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About the author:

Ingse Bergh Monsen, Momio

Ingse was the Community Manager for Momio in Nordics, and worked for Momio from 2014 to 2019. She has a Master’s degree in Service Management with a minor in Sustainable Business. Besides her field of education, her interests include exploring good business ethics, service management and exciting social media phenomena.

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