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Today I want to introduce you to the Momio community on YouTube. Kids from all the different Momio countries come together on this amazing platform where they create, like, share and comment on each other’s creations. You can see it for yourself here. Parents, these kids are the future!

I’m stunned by how creative and talented these kids are. That they’re actually able to create a brand channel on their own, intro-videos for their channels, put up live streaming videos as well as edited ones, edit innovative thumbnails and headlines and add music to their videos (and they even know how to do so without breaking any copyright laws!).


When I all too often read about parents thinking that this online activity is just a waste of time, I get an urge to jump out of my chair and scream “NO – LET THEM CONTINUE!”. These kids are actually creating something while developing truly useful skills for their futures. If only I was that smart when I was younger! Some kids might be able to show off their videos later on as a portfolio, but nevertheless – hundreds of hours have been spent practicing a skill that most young adults today wish they had. Trust me.

Not only do they develop online skills by uploading videos and being part of a fast paced community, they’re also following trends, learning about new algorithms online, practicing creative thinking, how to create communication strategies and sell a brand. Think about it, these kids are voluntarily and with passion teaching themselves skills that people all over the world take up huge student loans to learn! But here they come together as momios and learn most of it themselves by practicing, just for fun.


So my advice for all parents today, is to let them continue. Allow children to be curious, encourage them to create and to share what they create with the world! It’s obviously still important to be social with others, to go to school, to do homework and engage in other activities. But this is also important: To get time to reflect, be creative and to see something through – from idea to finished product. If we encourage them in this process, who knows what they might come up with next? We’ll never know if we don’t let them.

About the author:

Ingse Bergh Monsen, Momio

Ingse was the Community Manager for Momio in Nordics, and worked for Momio from 2014 to 2019. She has a Master’s degree in Service Management with a minor in Sustainable Business. Besides her field of education, her interests include exploring good business ethics, service management and exciting social media phenomena.

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