Not just silly songs and cat videos

Evolution of new media

YouTube has been around for a bit more than 10 years now. A decade is quite a long period, but in technology and social media it’s a whole age – everything can change during that time. And YouTube did too. It started of as a small site for publishing original videos, but now most of us can’t imagine a life without this service – we listen to music, watch serious lectures (e.g. TED Talks) and silly videos, watch book and film reviews, and even post our own. It’s a place for new ways of expressing yourself; a primary source of entertainment for a growing number of kids and adults. Many vloggers or YouTubers are huge celebrities among their viewers (like the VlogBrothers, PBS Idea Channel, PewDiePie or Grace Helbig) and are their new, positive!, role models. A lot of them give back to the fans – meet them and talk to them, and some even support charities and promote good causes.

All good then?

It’s no surprise then that many kids spend a lot of time on YouTube. They love it there – and for a good reason. Everything that they like, admire and cherish are gathered in one place. Therefore, it may be a good idea to introduce them to even more interesting shows that are fun, but at the same time are educational – and most importantly are safe for them to see. Perhaps instead of limiting the time spent there, parents could steer their kids towards more valuable and relevant stuff on the website they already like and hang out on.

The depths of YouTube

There are two sides to every coin. YouTube can be an invaluable source of entertainment and a great help for parents, but sadly not all videos on YouTube are nice and friendly. The depths of the internet remain an unexplored and dangerous land, especially for children. YouTube quickly addressed this growing issue by creating the YouTube Kids app. Back in February we wrote about it – how it’s an interesting idea, but the execution lacked some imagination.

Momio TV

Since kids really like watching videos, we at watAgame decided that this source of entertainment should be a part of Momio. We started with a simple YouTube page with videos that were curated by our staff and moderators to minimise the risk of our users seeing bad clips. Recently we decided however that we should moderate and curate the content on our video page even better. We also think that to be relevant to our users’ interests we have to evolve alongside them and provide safe, but entertaining and engaging content. That’s why Momio introduced Momio TV – a selection of video channels that are interesting and ever growing. Our main goal is of course to entertain our users, and to be honest, we can all use some silliness from time to time.

About the author:

Diana Cereniewicz, Momio

Diana Cereniewicz was a Polish Community Manager and Campaign Manager at Momio where she worked from 2015 to 2019. She has a master’s degree in English literature and language, and dabbles in translation and interpretation as well. She also does diverse online content creation and moderation.

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