“OMG! I would NEVER tell my parents!”

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Picture: Plastikjunge from Momio Germany

We asked our users if they normally tell their parents what they do on Momio. The answers were … Let’s call them slightly negative (from an adult’s point of view). They ranged from: “My parents don’t care”, “What I do on social media is private”, to even: “I’m scared that they would be disappointed if they saw things I do online” and “I WISH my parents cared, but they don’t want to hear anything”.

Both you and I agree that online privacy is extremely important. For many kids, social media is something very private, a space where they can just hang out with their friends and explore the world. As a parent, you probably want your kids to discover the world, but still be aware of what they are doing online. So, how do you keep that fine balance of knowing what your kid is up to without becoming an annoying stalker?

We believe that communication and trust are key. Just as you ask what your kid did in school, ask if there were any news on Momio today! Be genuinely interested in their online life and online friends, and respect it the same way you respect every other part of their life. If there is something on Momio that you don’t understand or find worrying – ask your child about it. After all, they are the experts here, and they are usually really good at explaining too! Just think about it: We all enjoy showing off what we are good at – right? Your child is probably no exception.

Talking about social media at home is always a win-win concept. The kids tend to agree. The few comments where the children actually talk to their parents about Momio were heartwarming. A Swedish user wrote: “I usually talk about Momio with my dad. Once I let him choose an outfit for my momio, that was a bad idea. He is the best dad though <3”.

About the author:

Johanna Ternander, Momio

Johanna worked as the Swedish Community Manager from 2016 to 2018. Besides Community Manager tasks, she also handled Momio’s external social media channels. With a Master’s degree in Media Studies, she has a deep interest in exploring the social media phenomenon – from blogs to cute animal videos.