Online safety is not rocket science

Picture: Sarah Good, user of goSupermodel

Picture: Sarah Good, user of goSupermodel

“An app? What is that?”

“Sorry, did you say IP? Never heard of that!”

“If there is a problem with online ­safety, why not close the internet down?”

“I rather let my kids watch tv. Then I know what they are up to.”

“Is there really an age­ limit on Facebook and Instagram?”

“My kids don’t want me to post their pictures on Facebook and get upset when I do. I think they have heard a little bit too much about online­ safety at school… What harm does it do to post those pictures?”

These are examples of questions and comments we have heard when visiting schools and different safety­ seminars. Online safety is a hot topic, but based on our dialogue with parents and the police, there seems to be a huge lack of basic knowledge.

Be interested

Naturally, some things can seem difficult to understand and it’s certainly complicated to teach children something that you don’t understand yourself. But by being interested in what kids are doing online you’ve already come far. Online safety is not rocket science!

At watAgame we take internet safety seriously. With several moderators and highly developed safety tools, you can rest assured that the online safety is our number one concern. But obviously internet is not just about us. We are all in this together and we all have the same goal: to protect our children.

How involved are YOU?

So what can we do? Educate, educate and educate! Schools and organisations should be encouraged to learn more about online safety so they can teach the kids. But also parents need to get more involved.

By educating our children on how to stay safe online we can support them and make them understand the risks of posting pictures, revealing personal information and meeting up with strangers.

First step is to ask yourself: How involved are you in your child’s online life?

About the author:

Sara Eichenauer, Momio

Sara Eichenauer worked as a German Community Manager from 2008 to 2015. She worked with online communities in Sweden and Germany for several years. Sara has three kids and is convinced that social media for kids is the best environment to teach our children about online behavior and safety in a fun and monitored way. She has a master’s degree in marketing.