ROLEPLAYING TODAY: More than meets the eye

Niszczacy from Momio Poland.

Niszczacy from Momio Poland

Have you ever roleplayed? No? Well, then let me ask again… Have you ever owned a mini kitchen set and prepared delicious plastic food for everyone to enjoy? Perhaps you’ve played dress up and rounded up your dolls and teddies to form a great big family to take care of? Maybe you’ve whipped out your pretend doctor set and given your cat a check-up, prescribing 3 Tic Tacs and a glass of milk? Sounds familiar? Then you’ve roleplayed! Either by yourself, with a sibling, your parents, or your friends. And guess what? It hasn’t changed one bit, even though looks may deceive…

These days, kids will be sitting by their computers, or with their tablets or phones in their hands, furiously tapping away on their keys and screens. It may look like they’re simply chatting, but they’re not. Perhaps if they were sprinting around the house in a Spiderman suit, or dressed up in a cape and cloak waving a wand around, it’d be more obvious: roleplaying!

Roleplaying is a huge part of Momio, and all kids and teens are in on it. Some will roleplay as their favorite Harry Potter character in a wizard role-play, and others roleplay as pirates or wolves. Many will even draw their very own original characters and share pictures of them for everyone to see – they’re amazing!

“If someone wants to start an RP (roleplay) on Momio, they’ll create a post, sharing the beginning of a fictional story. In this way, other momios can join in by sharing their own fictional characters and thus develop the story, and perhaps even make new friends.” – Fary, Danish Moderator

However, not all roleplays are based on fantastic beasts. On the contrary, the most common roleplays are about family, having a crush on someone, falling in love, or rebelling and breaking all the rules with your besties.

Regardless of whether kids are roleplaying as wizards, pirates or teenagers, they’re taking part in an extremely social and creative activity. And for all, roleplaying serves a safe space for kids to share and express some of their deeper and more complex feelings of fear, sadness, anger, but also joy and love.

About the author:

Celia Zimmermann, Momio

Celia worked as Community Supporter for Momio Denmark. She was a part of the Momio team 2016-2019 and studies Multimedia Design at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, specializing in content creation, brand marketing, and communication. Growing up, Celia has always loved and played video games, and believes online communities are at the very core of any successful game.

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