Summer was fun – now it’s time for school

We had a fantastic summer on Momio. Our brand characters Emily and Lucas took the kids on a trip around the world. The trip lasted several weeks and included everything from midsummer in Sweden and high fashion in Paris to a safari in Kenya and a fiesta in Mexico. It was a lot of fun, and hopefully also a bit educational. Some of our active users created pictures of their momios in these destinations – see some examples here:

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Meanwhile Jack, Momio’s police officer, stayed at home and got lots and lots of tips from momios on how to spend a great summer vacation at home. Momios were very excited and showered Jack with tons of helpful tips.

Behind the scenes here at the watAgame office we could definitely feel that kids had more time to spend online in the summer months. While most kids behaved well, especially the first school vacation days brought along an explosion of trolls. While checking these cases, we could almost see the kids behind them – snickering with a friend, trying to come up with something ridiculous to write while their parents were at work. Cheeky!

That’s OK – and that’s why we’re here. We got rid of all the trolls. Just between you and me, we might even have chuckled at some of the most inventive ones.


Now that the school year started or is about to start, the behaviour has changed. Kids get new friends and face new challenges at school, so they don’t have so much time to spend testing the limits online. Instead we’ve witnessed a total mind shift and see a lot of happy discussions about the everyday school life: what did you get for homework, what is your teacher like, what is your favourite subject and so on.

As the school year progresses, the challenges and trends evolve too. But worry not: We are always here, always on top of what is going on – and updating you on the latest news.

P.S. If your kid is new to school, you might want to check out our guide from last year. The tips are still valid!

About the author:

Silja Nielsen, Momio

Silja Nielsen is Head of Community and Safety at Momio. She has worked at the company since 2010. Silja has a master’s degree in Media Studies and is interested in privacy, online behaviour and online communities.