The people behind Momio: Meet Diana!


In our blog post series “The people behind Momio” we regularly introduce you to our valued staff members. Our Community Managers combined with our safety mechanisms are our number one cause of pride and the reason we can call Momio a safe social media for children.

Poland is our youngest, but with over 250.000 monthly active users by far the largest Momio country. This means we need diligent and hard-working manpower to handle safety: Meet Diana, our Polish Community Manager!

What is your background, Diana?

I’m an English Literature major, who dabbled in teaching, translation and interpretation, journalism, book reviews and online content creation. The list goes on. You can see that being a part of Momio seemed like a natural progression. I can use all of my skills (sometimes in an unexpected way) and learn many new ones.

What are your tasks at Momio?

I walk between a few Momio worlds, as do many of our colleagues. My primary job is being the Community Manager for Poland. I also spend a portion of my time as Ad Sales Campaign Management Support. Additionally, I write blog posts (see examples here, here and here) and posts for all Momio countries. It’s never boring. This job keeps you on your feet. It’s exciting and challenging and no two days are the same.

Why do you like working at Momio?

It’s a dynamic and lively company that presents great opportunities to use your creativity, but which also takes its role as a gateway for kids’ social media seriously and produces real solutions to problems. It’s wonderful to work with such engaging and involved people!

Thank you Diana! We are so pleased to have you in our team.

Next time around we introduce you to a dear colleague who makes sure that no Momio is running around naked! ;) Stay tuned!

About the author:

Lill Hennschen, Momio

Lill worked as German Community Manager from 2013 to 2018 and worked with content creation, online safety and translation. She has a Bachelor degree in Humanities and Communication and a special interest in equality studies.