watAgamers – who are we? Introducing Silja

Silja_blog2We are proud to be watAgamers – our shared vision and the family-like atmosphere bind us together as a team. Together we aim to operate and develop kids’ first social media experience and educate young children in how to behave online.

Our Community and Security Team consists of a valuable mix of different European nationalities having expertise in a variety of academic fields. Our cultural diversity unifies in a common goal: to create a fun and safe first social media experience for children  – Momio.

Last time we introduced you to our Norwegian Community Manager Ingse. This time around we will bring you closer to Silja, our Head of Community and Safety. Enjoy her interview!

Hi Silja! What is your background?

Hey! I was a lucky teenager: I had a computer and an internet connection in my room, and my parents weren’t afraid of letting me use them. I browsed, read, shared and tried, and in the process learned the basics of coding and got to talk with people I would never have met otherwise. I’d hang out at forums discussing everything from politics to philosophy to how to make your own dreadlocks. A lot of who I am today was formed in those years, and I am forever grateful that growing up, I got to hear a range of opinions from all kinds of people instead of just living in a bubble of like-minded people.

I have a Master’s degree in Media Studies from University of Turku. I specialized in how people behave online with great focus in privacy – things that I wouldn’t have known much about without having had that computer in my room, and without some trial and error of my own.

What are your tasks at watAgame?silja

I am overall responsible that our users stay safe and have fun. In many companies this responsibility is split into at least two departments, but I love that we don’t see safety and fun as separate things. We don’t do activities that are not safe, and we don’t do things that are not fun. When everything is decided in the same department, it’s easy to keep the focus. I have a fantastic team of Community Managers and Community Supporters who make all of this possible – without them and their input Momio would be a different place.

Why do you like working at watAgame?

I know that we’re making a real difference in kids’ lives. We give the kids a place to make friends, to express themselves and to learn from others. I am so proud of that. On Momio you have a nickname and an avatar, so kids can be exactly who they want to be. They can try things without losing their face, and they can get to know people they might not otherwise ever meet.

Besides that, the corporate culture at watAgame is unique. We’re all given a lot of freedom and trust, which allows us to be our best selves.

Thanks for letting us know you better, Silja! Feel free to post questions to her in the comments.

About the author:

Lill Hennschen, Momio

Lill has been employed as a German Community Manager since May 2013 and works with content creation, online safety and translation. She has a Bachelor degree in Humanities and Communication and a special interest in equality studies. Besides this, she volunteers for Red Barnet Ungdoms project MobSquad – an initiative trying to prevent bullying and segregation in primary schools.

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