We keep you in the loop

watAgame’s aim is to equip children with social media competences – this is a big challenge and we have to adjust our approach regularly. We rapidly react to new trends and hot topics, as they spread on Momio, like on every other social media, at the speed of light. We believe it is important to instantly communicate these Momio insights and watAgame’s working methods with parents and everybody interested in social media for kids.

Our Twitter account  @watagamecom gives you fast access to digital age parenting advice, updates on the latest online safety trends, takes up discussion from tweeters around the world and grants a fun glimpse behind Momio’s curtains.

We invite you to stay in touch with us and hope to see you on Twitter!

P.S. We love feedback. If you have any questions about our Twitter account or would like to suggest a topic, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comments – or simply tweet us!

About the author:

Lill Hennschen, Momio

Lill has been employed as a German Community Manager since May 2013 and works with content creation, online safety and translation. She has a Bachelor degree in Humanities and Communication and a special interest in equality studies. Besides this, she volunteers for Red Barnet Ungdoms project MobSquad – an initiative trying to prevent bullying and segregation in primary schools.

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