What is your kid up to on a social community?



Do you sometimes wonder what your kid is up to on social communities? Are you annoyed by the notifications that just keep coming on your phone or iPad? Would you rather have your kid to go outside and play with friends? Or sit and down and have a conversation with you?

To find out why children like spending time in social media, we interviewed a few Momio users. Read the interviews and discover that there’s plenty of space for outdoor activities too!

What do you normally do on Momio?

Minnie, 10 years: ”On a normal day I would first play the animo game in order to look after my animo (a pet on Momio). That is my first priority! Then I check the posts from others to see what they have shared and posted. It is fun to see what everyone writes, and I like it when I post something important and get lots of responses. I also love to chat with my friends. Some of them I already know from school, but I’ve also met new people.”



Thomas…, 12 years: ”I just chat with my friends. That is fun!”

Isi0, 9 years: ”First I always check if someone has sent me a message or a gift. It’s fun to chat with my friends and give gifts! Then I check the latest posts on the sky. If I find something cool I comment on it or share it.”

Miele, 9 years: “When I play Momio, I usually chat with friends. But I also like to help others and to share my ideas about different things. It is fun to have friends on Momio.”

FjAnton, 11 years: ”First I check my messages and then I start chatting. After that I check out the shop and try to find a new cool look. Before I log out I check the posts on the wall.”

How much time do you spend on Momio?

Minnie: ”Not so much as I would like, maybe half an hour every day. My brothers want the iPad too and then I have to do all my homework.”

FjAnton: ”I spend as much time as I can on Momio. It is just so cool and there is always something to do.”

Isi0:  ”It depends. If I play with my friends it is more fun to do something outside. But usually I check Momio every day!”

Thomas…: ”I am not sure, but I log in around 1-2 times per day.”



What do you like the most?

Isi0: ”I like everything about Momio. But what I like most is to chat with my friends.”

Thomas…: ”Getting new and funny friends is the best thing about Momio.”

Miele: ”What I like the most about Momio is that everyone is so nice. It is easy to get new friends, and if I am sad I get comfort.”

Minnie: ”The clothes! I just love them! I love fashion and I think the stuff on Momio is absolutely amazing. I also love the animos and to be able to chat with friends. Since my parents don’t allow me to have a real pet, I am so happy about my pets on Momio.”

FjAnton: ”I like everything about Momio. But what I like the most is that it is so easy to chat, buy clothes and make it into the next level.”

So the next time a new notification pops up on your phone, you know that is probably someone that liked the brilliant idea your child posted on Momio. Curious to find out more about what idea that might have been?

Time to have that magic face-to-face conversation with your child!

About the author:

Sara Eichenauer, Momio

Sara Eichenauer worked as a German Community Manager from 2008 to 2015. She worked with online communities in Sweden and Germany for several years. Sara has three kids and is convinced that social media for kids is the best environment to teach our children about online behavior and safety in a fun and monitored way. She has a master’s degree in marketing.

  • annickannick

    April 19, 2015 at 15:47

    I love Momio. I am level 61, and there is always what to do. It’s so nice at Momio!

    • watAgame

      April 20, 2015 at 08:07

      Thanks for the feedback. Nice to hear that you’re having a great time on Momio!

  • Citronsol

    June 26, 2015 at 23:23

    Usually i spend about 7-13 h a day on Momio.. All I do is scrolling through all post to find Animos to feed, of course I read all the inlay’s and report stuff that’s inopportune, answers on all questions I see and writes to people that feels alone there. Simply I just love Momio in all ways, and want it to be safe and fun for everyone! It’s already a really safe site with great rules, but when you spend so much time on Momio as me, it’s always coming forth stuff that shouldn’t be there. Of course my parents know what i’m doing there when I spend so much time on it, and they are just happy. Almost every evening when Momio close’s for the night I go over here and check, I just can’t get enough of Momio! Sorry for long comment :c

    • watAgame

      June 27, 2015 at 15:26

      Thank you for this heartwarming comment! It’s an honour to have you on Momio. Sounds like you are very responsible with your internet use. We hope you continue to have lots of fun on Momio!