Who makes sure that kids are safe?

We all agree that children’s online safety is an extremely important thing. No one wants the kids to get frightened, be bullied or do stupid things online. Whose responsibility is it then to make sure that kids can be safe online?

Organisations that have children’s well-being as their main interest put a great focus on kids’ online safety. For instance non-governmental organisations like Save the Children and national consumer authorities keep a close eye on online products targeted to kids. They also take action in case parents contact them regarding unsuitable things in the products.

Picture by Sinfonia, user of goSupermodel

Picture by Sinfonia, user of goSupermodel

Co-operation is the key

We at watAgame have a long history in co-operating with different organisations and the local consumer authorities. One of the latest examples of collaboration is from Norway, where a worried parent had contacted the local Kids and media organisation, Barnevakten, after her daughter had seen a naked picture on Momio.

When Barnevakten asked us to investigate the case, we already were on top of it thanks to our automatic filters and reporting system. The user posting the picture appeared to be a young Danish boy who thought it was fun to cause some fuss on the Norwegian Momio. His account was quickly deleted.

This is just one example of how companies working with kids’ online products co-operate with organisations. It also shows that a very important third part in this chain are parents. As the Norwegian Barnevakten emphasizes, it’s crucial that parents are alert, talk with kids about their online life and educate them in good online behaviour.

So, whose responsibility is kids’ online safety? We believe that companies, organisations and parents need to work together.

Have you ever been in contact with organisations or companies regarding something your kid experienced online?

It’s crucial that parents are alert.

About the author:

Pia Edman, Momio

Pia Edman worked as a Finnish Community Manager from 2009 to 2015. She has several years of experience in working with online communities and online safety as well as with digital content creation and digital advertising. Pia has a master’s degree in Finnish language.