Young people want to learn web etiquette at school

Picture: danko, user of goSupermodel

Picture: danko, user of goSupermodel

Young people would like to be educated in how to behave online. A recent research executed in Finland shows that almost 70 percent of 13-29-year-olds want to learn social media use and web etiquette at school.

“These things should be taught: Media literacy skills, copyrights, source criticism, what kind of personal content to publish, how to form and argument opinions, how to search information, what kind of dangers there are and who to talk to if you get harassed”, a respondent listed.

Parents should teach too

Over 40 percent of the participants say that in addition to educational institutes, also parents should have some kind of role in teaching social media.

“The biggest responsibility relies on guidance you get at home and by learning yourself. Parents are often not familiar with social media services and customs, which is why kids and youth usually have to learn by doing”, one of the respondents said.

In general, the participants think that kids and youth need to learn these basics of internet:

  • Web etiquette: How to behave.
  • Content: What you put online stays there.

Over 2.600 people aged 13-29 participated in the research that was implemented as an online survey. The average age of the respondents was 19.8 years. The survey was made by eBrand and the city of Oulu. An English summary can be found here.

About the author:

Pia Edman, Momio

Pia Edman worked as a Finnish Community Manager from 2009 to 2015. She has several years of experience in working with online communities and online safety as well as with digital content creation and digital advertising. Pia has a master’s degree in Finnish language.