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Momio is a social media for kids. On Momio kids can chat, share thoughts and pictures, see videos and style their virtual avatars in a safe environment created specially for them. Momio is a great first social media experience.

We focus on safety and making sure everybody has a good time. Our trained staff checks Momio every day, and our automated safety systems run all the time and go through everything that is done on Momio. When we spot something inappropriate, we react to it.

Everyone on Momio is anonymous. Kids play Momio with avatars that have nicknames – there is no need to reveal your real name or show your picture.

Momio’s own police officer Jack guides kids in internet safety. Jack has regular campaigns where he gives and asks for tips in a way that kids understand and find easy to participate in.

You can read more about Momio in English here and about our safety systems here.



Is your kid on Momio? Here’s a quick tip list for you!

  • Go through the rules together.
  • Create a good password and discuss the importance of keeping it secret.
  • Register the account to keep it safe.
  • Agree upon some rules about who to become friends with on Momio.
  • Get to know the report button and when to use it.
  • Remember that you can block others.



How do I contact support?
You can always write to our customer support (support@momio.me) if you need assistance. We will respond as soon as possible. If possible, please write to us in English, and mention your child’s username on Momio.

On Momio, you can instead ask questions Jack’s helpers – they are always happy to help out! The best way to get in touch with them is to create a new post with your question and the hashtag #helpers. You can recognize Jack’s helpers by the orange level star.

If you have any ideas for Momio, for example ideas for clothes or features, post about it on Momio. Then you get feedback from others, and we will see your idea. We don’t answer emails about ideas on support.

My kid forgot the password!
We can help you get the password back. Open Momio and click on “Forgot password?”. Follow the instructions from there.

Someone else is using my kid’s account!
If you think that someone is using your kid’s account, change the password. Click on the wheel icon on the profile page and choose “Change password”.

If you have lost access to the account due to someone else changing the password, contact our us at support@momio.me. Remember to include the name of the account and a description of what has happened.

If someone else gains access to an account, it is because they found out what the password is. That’s why it’s important to choose a password that is not obvious for other children. Registering a phone number or an email address on the account will also help keeping it more secure. You can register both in the settings on the profile on Momio. Find them by clicking the wheel icon on profile.

What is a Jack’s helper?
We have local moderators in each country that see through content to delete things that are breaking the rules and punish misbehaving users. We call them Jack’s helpers. They are visibly present in the communities with their orange stars and the users can also turn to them if they need help. They are a great help to the Momio community and we are very proud of the work they are doing!

The best way to get in touch with Jack’s helpers is to create a new post with your question and the hashtag #helpers.



What are the rules on Momio?
Momio’s rules are here: Momio’s rules

They can also be found on Momio. If you go to the profile and click the wheel icon, you get a link to the rules. The link is also sent as a chat message from Momio’s police officer Jack to all new users. We encourage all parents to read the rules with their children.

What are Momio’s terms?
Momio has the following terms:

What is the age limit on Momio?
Momio is a place for kids. We do not allow people who are 18 years old or older. There is no lower age limit, however it is our experience that Momio is most fun for children who can read and write even just a little bit.



Why do you have advertising?
We show advertising on Momio to help fund the costs of running Momio. We hand-pick our advertising partners to make sure all content is appropriate for children.

If you do not want your child to see advertisements on Momio, you can buy ad free Momio. You pay a small sum once, and your child will never again see any ads on Momio. To purchase ad free Momio, log in to Momio with the account you want to become ad free, click the icon in the top bar that shows how many diamonds you have, and then the tab with a picture of an umbrella.

You can read more about this at our Internet Safety for Parents blog.

Why is it possible to use real money on Momio?
Momio is completely free to use – you don’t have to use any real money on Momio. We offer in-game purchases to those who wish to support Momio and gain extra benefits for themselves on Momio. If enough people use real money on Momio, Momio can continue to be free for everyone. The money earned from in-game purchases is used to fund the costs of running Momio.

My child bought something without my permission.
Send an email with the user name to our support (support@momio.me) so we can look at the case.  If possible, please write in English, and mention your child’s username on Momio.